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I'm Nam.

I’m a UX Designer focused on creating products with intention and purpose that are rooted in empathy and research. With a background in fashion, my work is not only about designing aesthetically pleasing products, but also solving creative problems that will positively impact people on an individual level or influence social behavior to promote a happy and healthy earth.

What I Love About Design

Connecting with People

Whether it's conversations in passing or user research, I enjoy getting to know people and understanding how their behaviors, needs, and desires impact their "why."


The possibilities are endless when bouncing ideas off people and thinking outside-the-box on how to solve problems.

Information Architecture

I tend to geek out when it comes to understanding the hierarchy and organization of information most relevant and useful to the user.


I love seeing the product come together while designing lo-fi and mid-fi wireframes. It's that magic moment where you start to see your ideas come to life and the potential of what the end product could look like.

Currently Working On...

BWTN the Seams

Designing a native android app and iterating the website experience to enable consumers to quickly and easily find local resources to extend the life of their clothing. 

BTWN the Seams encourages consumers to rethink their consumption habits by considering their clothing’s lifecycle to promote sustainability. Click the link to check out version 1 of the site, but stay tuned for updates!

Kaleidoscope Child Foundation

Redesigning the website experience to better inform and engage network, build donor base, and increase donor conversions.

KCF is a non-profit organization on a mission to provide education, life skills, and fresh resources to children in developing countries. Feel free to check out the original site!


Check out my most recent post examining the fashion design process through the lens of UX.

UX Case Studies


Legacy Strategies

Worked with a staffing agency to redesign the digital experience for their clients and creative network.

Role: Project Manager and UX Designer with focus in research, synthesis, and usability testing.
Length: 3 week sprint
view project


Frurranis Doux

The development and exploration of a digital platform and service experience for a winery.

Role: Project Manager, UX Strategist, UX Researcher, and Product Developer
Length: 2 week sprint
view project


Aum Body & Soul Spa

A UI redesign for a local day spa and yoga studio to help reduce the cognitive load for customers.

Role: UX designer responsible for strategy, research, testing, and visual design.
Length: 2 week sprint
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