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Through the Lens of UX:
Fashion Design and the Development Process

Part 2

In my previous post, I drew parallels between the UX design process and the fashion design process, which is illustrated in this infographic. By referencing the “double diamond,” designers can easily draw a connection against their existing process to reveal areas of opportunity to better serve their end-user.

Breaking down the process by stage allows us to examine those areas of opportunities. Consequently, a user-centered approach to developing garments could improve the business practices of fashion companies.  




These points raise the question of how we might improve the fashion design process to create a style that the end-user will actually want? This leads to questions like:

The list of questions can go on and on, but exploring the process through the lens of UX exposes gaps not only when it comes to designing for the user, but also in the process itself. Ultimately, creating a better product for the end-user can prevent returns, markdowns, and excess stock which can lead to increased profits and sustainable practices for the business. An interesting concept to explore… in another post.

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