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I designed dresses in NYC for 8 years, but my love for creating something tangible began when I was much younger. At the age of 14, I taught myself how to pattern, drape, and sew. Deconstruction projects led me to designing prom dresses and formal gowns for myself and my friends. Years later, I found myself designing evening gowns and cocktail dresses for women all across the U.S.

Here's a sampling of my professional work. Feel free to look around!

From Sketch to Dress

From conception to completion. Check out some of the styles that came to life.


Check out these beadings if you like shiny things!

In-store and Online

View styles that were sold both online and in-store at popular retailors.

BTWN the Seams

This is a platform I launched to encourage consumers to rethink their consumption habits by considering their clothing’s lifecycle to promote sustainability. This is a resource for consumers to inspire them to shop mindfully , connect them to companies that will donate or recycle their worn clothing, and introduce them to brands that are producing products ethically.

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