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Persona, Journey Map, and Service Blueprint

We wanted to better understand our user's motivations, challenges, and goals as well as the lines of interaction during an in-person scenario.


Here we have the full Persona for Natalie. She is the amalgamation of all our research and allows us to stay focused on our user's behaviors, goals, and frustrations.

Journey Map

Natalie’s journey of wanting to pick out a special bottle of wine for a Friday night dinner has it’s ups and downs.

She’s upset when she runs into wine jargon, but is able to find a wine score to guide her decision.

She’s bummed to find out that she isn’t able to pick up her order due to distance, but continues on with the purchase.

Despite being underwhelmed with the unboxing experience, she is able to ultimately enjoy a bottle of wine that pairs well with the meal that was prepared.

Service Blueprint

This service blueprint allows us to understand the lines of interaction between the user, winery employees, and support processes. In this scenario, a user will order a bottle of wine online to be delivered to their home. 

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