I am a UX designer passionate about human behavior at the intersection of empathy, usability, and functionality.

My Story

I am a former dress designer turned UX designer. After working in the fashion industry in NYC for the past 8 years, I found the need to recalibrate my path. My personal values were diverging from that of the industry and I had to step back and reassess what I wanted to do in my professional career and how I could better use my talents to make a meaningful impact in the world. 

I was at a crossroads and all signs pointed to ‘travel.’ I took a leap of faith and made plans to actualize a dream of mine to backpack Southeast Asia. I sold my things, quit my job, and fit my life into 2 backpacks. There were only whispers of covid and my plan was to stay ahead of it as I landed in Nepal at the start of 2020. About 5 weeks later I unfortunately returned home to a country in lockdown. 

It wasn’t the year I planned for, but it’s the one I got. As did everyone else. 

Which brings me to exploring UX Design. It was something I had been considering for quite some time and the solitude of quarantine allowed me the space to research the field in depth. UX design has granted me the opportunity to utilize my design skills and make an impact, whether it be on a social or environmental level. I’m keen on creating through the lens of practicality, functionality, and usability as a way to ensure a product through its lifecycle is built intentionally and sustainably. 

After all, the things we design are just tools for people to improve their lives, whether it's a dress or digital platform.

Who I am, What I've Done, and Current Aspirations

In addition to being a Designer, I like to consider myself a....Yogi, Hiker, Runner, Plant-based Enthusiast, Adrenaline Junkie, Travel Photographer, Conscious Consumer, and Sustainable Fashion Advocate.

What I Love About Design

Connecting with People

Whether it's conversations in passing or user research, I enjoy getting to know people and understanding how their behaviors, needs, and desires impact their "why."


The possibilities are endless when bouncing ideas off people and thinking outside-the-box on how to solve problems.

Information Architecture

I tend to geek out when it comes to understanding the hierarchy and organization of information most relevant and useful to the user.


I love seeing the product come together while designing lo-fi and mid-fi wireframes. It's that magic moment where you start to see your ideas come to life and the potential of what the end product could look like.

Want to Chat?

Email me directly at nampatel.v@gmail.com or send me a message!